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Visual Field Testing

Visual field testing is used to test your peripheral or “side” vision, and is an important part of your examination.

Visual field testing can give us important clues to what might be wrong with your vision: some neurological disease shows up as defects in your peripheral vision.  The pattern of vision loss can help us locate the exact location of any problem.

It is also necessary to see whether your glaucoma is progressing or is stable, and because most glaucoma progresses slowly over years, testing every six months is useful to know if your treatment is working, or whether something else needs to be done.

The test itself requires some concentration, and small children usually can’t manage it.  During the test you will be asked to look at a light directly ahead. Other lights will appear from time to time and you are asked to press a button to register that you saw the light. If you aren’t sure if you saw the light – don’t press the button. The machine will test to see if you are “trigger happy”, but it is important to remember the test is not trying to trick you!

Tips for a successful test:

  • get comfortable
  • look straight ahead
  • concentrate and stay awake

Remember – the better you attend to the test, the better the information we will have to be able to manage your eye problems.


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