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Intravitreal injections

Most people are (quite reasonably) horrified at the prospect of requiring treatment involving needles into the eye. However, the treatment is very effective and for the moment is the only way we have of treating some of the more serious eye diseases.

What to expect:

  • You will be greeted by one of our reception staff and checked in
  • One of our nurses will test your vision and measure the pressure in your eye
  • A scan (OCT) will be performed to document the progress of your conditon and measure your response to the treatment – please note this completely non-invasive scan is not covered by Medicare at all, but is vitally important to be done at each visit
  • The nurse will then start administering eye drops to prepare for your injection
    After a while you will be ushered into one of the preliminary consulting rooms where an anaesthetic injection may be administered
  • Some time later you will be taken into the treatment room where you will receive your treatment
  • Some bloody tears and eye redness are normal arter your injection, and your eye may be very sore or feel gritty. Please let us know if you are experiencing distress.

Infection is always a possibility following an eye injection, and this can be blinding. Please contact us for advice if you are concerned.


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