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Laser vitreolysis

Floaters are often very bothersome for patients but can be successfully treated with the right laser.

Fluorescein angiography

This is performed in our rooms for the diagnosis and management of many eye diseases

Indocyanine Green Angiography

Indocyanine Green (ICG) angiography involves injection of a dark green dye into a peripheral vein, and use of a special camera to image the choroidal circulation.


Lasers are widely used in our practice, we have a Nd:YAG laser, Diode laser and a PDT laser.

Intravitreal injections

Most people are (quite reasonably) horrified at the prospect of requiring treatment involving needles into the eye. However, the treatment is very effective and for the moment is the only way we have of treating some of the more serious eye diseases.

Visual Field Testing

Used to test your peripheral or “side” vision, and is an important part of your examination.


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