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Eye Surgery

Where we operate

Dr Kelly and Dr Reddie both have regular operating sessions at

  • North Queensland Day Surgical Centre, 119 Kings Road, Hyde Park
  • Mater Hyde Park, Oxford Street, Hyde Park

Dr Reddie also has public and private operating sessions at The Townsville Hospital.

Do I have to fast?

You will be asked to fast (no food or drink) from midnight the night before your operation.

What about my regular tablets?

Unless you have been given specific instructions otherwise, you should take your usual medications on the morning or your surgery with a sip of water in the morning.

What about the anaesthetic?

Most eye surgery is safest when local anaesthesia is used – the eye is anaesthetised, but you remain conscious but sedated during the procedure. Patients feel touch and pressure, but do not feel any pain.

Local anaesthesia has particular advantages during retinal surgery because it allows you to get into the correct post-operative position as soon as possible at the conclusion of your operation, and you are also not nauseated afterwards.

Severe pain after eye surgery is very unusual and can be a sign that something is seriously wrong.

Please discuss any concerns you might have with Dr Kelly or Dr Reddie, and also with the anaesthetist before your procedure.

Do you take the eye out and put it on the cheek to do the operation?

No. Eye surgery is done using microscopic instruments through incisions that are 0.1mm-2mm in size.


Telephone07 4775 6686

Facsimile07 4775 6550


Suite 1, 132-134 Ross River Road, Mundingburra Qld 4812

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