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Information for patients and carers

What to expect when you visit

  • Expected waiting times
  • Items you might need to bring with you when you visit our clinic.

Eye Surgery

Information for patients and their carers about:

  • where we operate
  • fasting: when can I eat and drink before surgery
  • what to do about your usual medications if you are having surgery
  • some general information about how the surgery is performed.

Post-operative Information

What you can and can’t do after your surgery or injection.

Informed Financial Consent

Please note we are a “known gap” practice. Patients will usually have an out-of-pocket expense for their surgery.  Find out more here.

Privacy Policy

We will never disclose your personal information except with your permission, or as required by law.


Telephone07 4775 6686

Facsimile07 4775 6550


Suite 1, 132-134 Ross River Road, Mundingburra Qld 4812

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